17th March 2015-08:25



At the moment the team is working on putting together the boat and getting ready for the first test in it. We are also proud to confirm that Hansen marine and Cramo will be back for another year of sponsorship for Bimba Racing. Welcome onboard again, this year is all about challanges, getting quicker and finding success! We also feel excited with the confirmed calender for this season.

4th February 2015-10:25

Bimba has now advanced into a 2008 years model of an Danish Möllgaard boat and we welcome new sponsors aboard. Its great news and we are very eager to go out and start testing for upcoming 2015 season. Please contact us for sponsor deals >> bimba_f1000@hotmail.com

20th December 2014-10:55


After an incredible good season with fine results at top fifth places in the World Cup series, Bimba and the team was looking forward to finish the season with more world championship points in South Africa the last weekend when South Africa - Free State - Grand Prix was run.

'Free practice went pretty well and we tested many propellers, but after a while my times was getting worse. When we took the boat we saw that I had done my gearbox. Luckily I borrowed one from my competitor and four times world champion Erik Stark. '
Says Bimba

Unfortunately, she never took more World Championship points this year because she had to stop in Q2 when she collide with a fellow competitors catching her from behind. Luckily, she did not ended upside down and could drove the boat into the dock, unfortunately, to which state that the boat was too damaged to repair this day and come back for Sunday's GP. The other boat had run straight into the fuel tank where his pontoon tip had broken off and sat still inside. In addition, the entire middle section has been compressed and important strangles in the boat burst which is needed for the vessel's structure and rigidity.

'A real disappointment. Things like this just do not happen during practice and qualifying. Had it been during the race, I had thought it was okay. The team and I had been looking forward to this race and with a focus on the top 5 again but you realize that there are risks you take on the water, you're not yourself.' Tells Bimba

Now the boat is already on the way home in the container. It is estimated to be at home for seven weeks and then team will begin direct repair of the costly damage. At the same time as looking Bimba for newer materials to improve their performance in 2015

21th November 2014-09:55

BIMBA RACING CALENDAR 2015 IS NOW AVAILIBLE - 5 first sends out free of charge!!

An limited edition of Bimba Racing wall calendars for 2015 are now out.
Price is 250 sek or 25 euros including shipping costs within Europe, and to order one by sending an email with name and address where the calendar should be sent.
Bimba Racing will be giving away the first 5 calendars for free.

Take the opportunity to obtain a unique Bimba Racing item with cool and beautiful photos from the season taken by pickla.se, Massimo Ciuchi, TopyFoto, F2TA, lindring.se and Anna Bohman.
Venues are Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Norway and others.

Send your orders to bimba_f1000@hotmail.com

5th October 2014-21:35


Just returned from the European Championships in Como she is now charging up bags with materials and traveling again to Italy to defend her currently fifth position and hope for new points.

Milan 's Grand Prix 11 to 12 October will be the last F2 race in Europe this season and than last round will be held in South Africa, Saasolburg in December.

Bimbas sixth place in the European Championships last week felt good. It was her lower limit to what she had focused on but is still happy .

' It's tough, many quick and talented driver with really optimized materials. It was fun , I hung out pretty well and managed to make some nice overtaking. '
She says

Now she hopes to make good qualifying order to maintain good position in the World Championships if not improve it.

' A good qualifying round is a great help in order to succeed , despite the time- qualifiers something I have always been so good at , I like the race and that is where I usually succeed best at . Trying prepare myself and the boat now for a good qualifying round in Milan .'
Tells Bimba

19th September 2014-17:55


Finally back to international competition when European will be run in the Italian lake Como. Known for its incredibly beautiful view and nature, this area attracts not just only the celebrities but also us speedboat enthusiasts. Here powerboat racers made the long history with different classes and all the way up to F1.

But this weekend it will be a great grid of Formula 2 boats for 4 heats giving everything to try to become the 2014 European champion. The course was again approved for 20 starts, which is likely to lead to a qualification round on Saturday. F2 has grown in recent years and is an incredibly popular and exciting class to compete within.

Bimba is in the current situation 5th in the World Championship Series after 2-run race (of 4). Something she feels satisfied with because she knows how competitive it is among the 27 (so far) starting this season. EC expects her with at least the same resistance.

'Last year I was 6th in the Championship, it is my goal again this time. Obviously I am aiming to get on the podium in some heat too. We have a new pair of propellers we hope will be a good fit for the track too. '
She says cheerfully.
Follow her on > www.facebook.com/bimbasjoholm or instagram > bimbaracing

16th August2014-20:25


First Nordic race was run in Nora in july and did not came out with any success for Bimba who struggled with power steering problems in all three heats. Still she managed to be 5th of the 7 boats that participated. last weekend she was off to Tonsberg, Norway for an event race. Thousands of people who come to see the event. This was a good race for Bimba to test the repair of the steering. It went well and she finished 3rd in the race.
But upcoming weekend it will be the last and final race in F2 Nordic Championships to be run in Drammen, Norway.

-Next aim will be to test the new propellers that just arrived from the USA and we hope they will be able to make us more competitive even in European and World Championships, which will follow in September and October. Expect they are good propellers and a podium is what we're aiming for, says Bimba

A big thanks to the team who worked and solved the technical problems but also a big thank you to our loyal sponsors for making it possible.

14th July 2014-2:55


Upcoming Saturday will be a great show in Nora, Sweden, when F2 going to have the first out of two round for the F2 Nordic Championship 2014. As we got 4 swedes in top 6 in WC, and Bimba is one of them, this will be a very exciting and close race to watch.
First heat starts 12.30.
Welcome to Nora or join us on >> facebook

10th July 2014-00:30


Bimba was eight in the second World Cup race in Brindisi - Grand Prix of Italy which was run last Sunday.

23 drivers started and Bimba started 8 on the grid and held that position for 40 laps until the race ended. The short track became very messy especially with the large starting field. She constantly had South African driver Wynand De Jager chasing her but still also managed to push for 7th place on a couple of occasions.

"The bumpy sea in combination with the low sun made the race difficult for many, and it didn't make it any better that I lost one of my mirror on the 7th lap! " Says Bimba

At the top the battle was between last year's world champion Erik Stark, Pierre Lundin and Peter Morin. Stark won the race and now leads the World Cup series. Bimba is 5 a total of 27 starters after two rounds.

Next race is in Sweden when Nora invites to Nordic Championships on 19th of July!

26 June 2014-22:30


With a fifth place and a topped confidence from the Hungarian Grand Prix is now time to run the second World Cup race in Brindisi - Grand Prix of Italy.
The course runs in the harbour with fresh salt water from the Adriatic Sea.
Last year Bimba qualified in as 7th out of 21 boats and ended 9th in the race. This year, near 30 drivers trying to qualify for the short 5-pin cuorse which is only approved for 20 boats.

Bimba is very pleased with the boat but is constantly looking for new speed and successes. She thinks she can get in the top ten even if the target is set higher, which she managed to make in previously race.

"I know to expect extremely tough competition for this race. But think I impressed them when I grabbed my 5th place in the first World Cup round and I want to continue to show that I'm belonging up here. No frills, just hard work and determination that gave me this placement which is my best so far in the F2 World Championship". Says Bimba

12 June 2014-21:00


Yesterday was a successful day together with Cramo Huddinge when the company held an event and open house for customers and partners.
visitors did not only get the chance to see the dispay of Bimba's Formel 2 boat but was also invited to try out different type of work machines such as diggers, skylifts etc.
On top of all this did the pit crew of Cramo Huddinge serving all an delicious BBQ lunch in the sun. Thank you Cramo, I'm so proud to be supported and work with all of you!! // Bimba

30 May 2014-21:15

Saturday 31st of May At Hansen Racing in Spånga Stockholm Sweden.
10.00 am to 14.00pm
find out more here >> STORA HANSEN DAGEN 2014

21 May 2014-10:35


The season has started and Bimba had a good start when she drove to fifth place and added 7 important points in the first WC race in Dunaujvaros, Hungary.

24 drivers came to Hungary, and 20 boats were given a place in the race as the course was only approved for it. Five new drivers and four brand new boats had come to attend.
After qualifying some top drivers was missing. Ola Pettersson's new Mölgaard had power steering problems. Johan Österberg collided together with Rupp Temper during qualifying and had to be left out on Sunday also Erik Edin who had unexplained engine trouble and missed the qualifying.

Bimba started ninth from the grid, came out as 13th boat in the first turn and then worked her way up in placements. Two yellow flag situations and when the first restart was released , she managed to run up further . The race ended under a yellow flag, when Tobias Soderling rolled his boat in one of the turns with only 12 laps left of the race.

"Given the large number of participants , new boats , successful drivers from F1 who have chosen to double with F2 , then the 5th place amazingly good rankings. I want to be in the top 10, but this year has aimed for the top 6 ! Not simply but not entirely impossible anymore . " Says Bimba

28 April 2014-22:25

>>Formula 2 Promo Video

24 April 2014-21:25


Bimba Sjoholm has confirmed today her participation for the SST120 Global Challenge in Australia in May. Bimba will be the only female competing in this class representing Sweden. Together with Italy, Malaysia and Australia, the SST120 Class is set to be the largest number of SST120 boats racing together on the Manning River. A massive thankyou to be Paul Kirkby and Rhys Coles in finalising this opportunity for Bimba!
Read more about this WC >> FASTWATER PROMOTIONS

9 April 2014-20:25

Below are the races and events that Bimba will attend on.

RACE 2014
17-18 May > Dunaujvaros, Hungary
27-29 June > Brindisi, Italy
12-14 Dec. > Sasolburg, South Africa

20-21 Sept. > Como, Italy

23-25 May > Taree, Australia WC SST120
6 June > Skokloster, Sweden SWE
13-15 June > Karlskoga,Sweden SWE
19-20 July > Chasewater, UK British Ch.
2-3 Aug. > Stewartby, UK British Sprint
22-24 Aug. > Drammen, Norway Nordic Ch.
30-31 Aug. > Skokloster, Sweden SWE

31 May > Stora Hansen Dagen, Sthlm
5 July > Sandhamn Powerboat Wknd

14 February 2014-08:25


For sale - LUCINI composite catamaran hull
 Built year: 2003 , Cell: 2000N
 Weight: 250 kg (with F1000 engine include race gear)
 1x Dolly
 Sparco Steering wheel
 Throttle + footrest with adjustable rail
 PT buttons + all electric wirings
 Throttle cable
 Complete steering incl. cables
 Carbon seat
 6-point harness, OMP (new 2013)
 New windscreen 2014
 Air bottle + hose and regulator (personal air supply)
 1 x Battery, Odyssey
 Adjustable tray on rails for battery + fuel tank (for moving weight fwd-back)
 Flotation material + extra airbag
 Lift slings
 1 pair of spare pickles.
Price: 5500 Euro

Complete ready to race F1000 also includes
 1x Complete Selva F1000 Engine, 1x Engine Homologation paper UIM
 1x Prop
 1x Powertrim pump
 2x Steering arms
 1x Fuel Tank, Selva 23 liter
Price: 7000 Euros

 Road trailer including 2 boxes for storing > 2000 Euro
 2x Flextents (easy up) each 4x4m with sides. > 850 Euro
 1x mold for cowling, molds deck Right+ Left side and mold bottom of hull for repairs
Molds price is to be agreed between buyer and seller.

The boat has achieved excellent results, some of the main are:
1st -2010 European Championship > 2nd -2007 European Championship > 3rd -2009 World Championship
Contact : Bimba Sjöholm +46 (0) 70 288 97 54/ email: bimba_f1000@hotmail.com

19 December 2013 -19:25


Recently returned from warm and sunny South Africa with yet another racing season ended . Bimba set a 11th place (out of 18) in Free State Grand Prix of South Africa that was run this weekend.
Unfortunately, no points and only points in two races out of five in the World Championship series 2013 , she ended on a 18th place of 31 total participants.
Bimba drove one of her better races and with her Australian top colleagues in the team , they managed to inspire her to get the boat to fly forward.
Unfortunately, she took a turn buoy out and she got penalized with one lap. It looked like race was about to be over , but she was told on radio that she still had something to run for , and quickly decided not to give up.

"I zeroed myself completely after the stoppage of the buoy and thought - now it can not get worse. I wanted to recover my point location and put on my best run so far in F2. Overtook about 4 competitors but it was unfortunately only to 11th place .
" She says.

The competition is getting tougher while participants become more and Bimba has a strong goal and plan to work on for the next season .
As soon as the boat comes back from South Africa, in February , the team has a full schedule to get down to optimize the rig and get in the water right after the ice break-up for doing test runs.

" Now I am very eager to get home the boat and all the stuff in order to optimize them for next season. I am very determined and purposeful and feel now after two years in the F2 and my DAC that I know we can improve on. I've wanted and have been working for a new boat for next season , but it may be for the following year . It is a big financial step but I promise that we will give everything and perform next season. " Says Bimba .

1 October 2013 -11:15

22 September 2013 -12:45


European Championships in Milan last weekend ended after three heats. It was in the start of heat four as Italian driver Paolo Zantelli lost his grip in the water and crashed only a few hundred meters from the starting jetty. He landed very unlyckily and did not unfortunately survived the collision. Paolo was a great driver and certainly one of the nicest to compete against on the track. It is a great loss for powerboating and F2 family and our thoughts are with his family and team.

The next race is not until December 14 to 15, when the World Championship ends in Sasolburg, South Africa.

4 September 2013 -20:45


Everything , just everything happening at Nottingham F2 GP race this weekend. The final qualifiers were only 16 of the 24 boats entered, eight of them were Swedes ! Impressive . Especially since three Swedes crashed during training o qual. Stark got pole position , while Bimba became 16th and last boat to qualify to the GP after some technical problems earlier this weekend.

"It has been a lot of work this weekend and I'm almost a little pleasantly surprised that I managed to get a few laps in the final qualifying." says Bimba

The whole weekend was a big drama . Jonas Andersson and Ola Pettersson drove together in a double flip during timed practice. Both survived and qualified also recorded. During the Sunday morning assembly heats so it became a three boat crash. Andrews and Munthe Kaas collided and Andrews came the fly in the path of Mette Bjerknaes . It became bad damage on their boats, but everyone is feeling ok which is the main thing.

Won the race did Italian Paolo Zantelli in the season new built Clerici . Surprising second was Norwegian Edwards who started the fourth track, made a good start and came out in second place , which he kept race out . Stark was third.

There were three yellow flags situations too. First was the flip of Englishman Scott Curtis as he debuted in the World Cup and on the restart Jonas Anderson drove a little too hard and barrel rolled in the turn. The race also ended with Owen Jelf banged around in the famous "wind hole", which made the race ended under yellow flag.

"I am very relieved and happy with a 9th finish in this GP, especially with all the work we had and very little training we received over the weekend. It became some points and now after four World Cup races, I can see that this is what I can expect this boat can give.” Bimba says. .

Now just to pack the bags for Bimba and head off to Milan and the European Championship which runs September 14 to 15 at the stadio " Idroscalo ".

17 August 2013 -09:45

In two weeks, it's time for the fourth World Championship race as it runs on the old rowing stadium in Notingham, England. The lake offers a long two-pin course and Bimba believes she can do well there.

"My boat is longer and heavier than most others, it fits better on a long path at high speed and do not like the short 4-5 pin course we erlier raced this year." She says.

A two-point course may seem simple, but this is certainly not the case in Nottingham.

"I changed my mind about the two-pin courses last year. Firstly the boat will reach an incredible speed on the straights, then its just time to make the 180 degree turn. And secondly the water changes in a strange way and have huge differences on either side of the course, which means you have to read the water and work even more with the settings as you drive. "She says.

What also makes the race more exciting is that the narrow racetrack only leaves room for the 16 fastest boats. In the current situation 23 boats entered for the race and it will be necessary to run qualifying heats in who gets to run the World championship race here in UK. The others are offered to run a Cup Race in three heats.

"It's nerve wracking and everything must keep in qualifying. If something goes down you can be sure you're out of the race. I'm aiming for the top 10 and WC points.Wich should be a reasonable goal for me and the boat." said Bimba.

Follow Bimba and the race >>

2 August 2013 -08:25
Finally, she took some long-awaited World Cup points in this race that was run in southern Italy at the weekend. After two long days in the hot pit, boat was restored after the crash she was in Baku for a month ago, and she managed to qualify for a 7th place (out of 21) before the start of the Grand Prix Race. Her best qualifying so far this season, as she and the team are very happy with.

"I finally got to a good time in qualification, made a good lap and was able to give everything. Lowered me 1.3 seconds from the first qualification and showed the other was my place is "she says.

The race was run at evening which was advantageous in the hot climate. Unfortunately, less well on the track, when the sun was so low that it caused problems for drivers who were difficult to see and assess the course. Several boats ran on and wrong at the buoys, which in the end resulted in a new first winner in F2 - Ola Pettersson.

"I saw absolutely nothing when I drove straight down towards the sunset. Not any buoys, boat or even in front of me my steering wheel and instruments. So it was to hold on and take a chance. But I was not alone in this experience, I know that. The positive out of this is the lesson full a hard run race that this provides. "Explains a satisfied Bimba.

Now the boat is finally home for the first time since the race on Riddarfjarden which was in June, and the team is now working to optimize the boat for the fourth world championship race. It will be a long two-point curcuit that runs along a narrow rowing stadium of English Nottingham. Qualifying will only allow 16 boats competing, so a large and rapid propeller is important to get to this race.

13 July 2013 -08:25
Recently returned from Baku Grand Prix - Flames on Water - Azerbaijan. The European country is found in the far east bordering with Iran, Georgia, Russia and the Caspian Sea.
Bimba unfortunately had bad luck when she crashed in this WC round. After the accident she found herself in a 14th place and since she is looking for World Cup points, it was important to be on in order to advance. It was about 14 minutes into the race when she at the right hand turn rolled her DAC boat but safe and unharmed could get out of the water-filled cockpit.

"It went very quickly, I chased the boat in front of me and suddenly I spun around and ended up upside down and all you think about is all the work it causes, and that it becomes pointless." Says Bimba

The team worked together with help from other teams incredibly well in getting Bimba's boat and engine to work again. Time was short then everything would be packed before loading the same evening as the boats transported from Baku to Brindisi, Italy, where the next race is 26-28/7.

"It was an expensive bathing. However, the boat is pretty good, but the electronic and mechanical needed to be replaced and some plastic repairs needed to be done on site in Italy before the race. "Confirmed Bimba

3 July 2013 -22:25
Time to move Formula 2 circus to the second VM race. The race is run in Baku on the Caspian Sea at the weekend and 20 teams participate in the Baku Grand Prix - Flames on Water - when F2 for the first time shows off in Azerbaijan.

"Could never imagined when I started racing 19 years ago that I would compete in Azerbaijan! This will be an amazing and incredible experience. I am proud and happy to be powerboat racing driver and very happy to compete in Baku "says Bimba

The team is tense with anticipation of getting to come down to the new race site. On one hand, some minor repairs and parts replaced need to be done on the boat before Bimba is fully optimized to start the race.
Bimba continues to aim for World Cup points this season. This race she once again reinforce international team. Radioman Carl Kinder (England) will be the first to follow her on the radio in Baku and the next race in Italy, but also be in the pits.

"Carl is an experienced and will be a good acquiring to the team and we hope to take the points we were missing from Stockholm GP" says Bimba

23 June 2013 -23:45
11th place for Bimba who targeted the top ten. Disappointed to be out of the World Cup points, yet she sees it as an alright performance in the big starting grid.

"Eleventh place out of 23 boats is quite okay but I drive for World Cup points and this race, I ended up just outside the points place" says Bimba

Riddarfjarden was, as expected, very messy. Bimba had an incident during Saturday's free practice when she landed abruptly on the right side pontoon boat and lost the cowling of the boat and parts of the airbag system.

"It was very stressful to get it together for the race, but thanks to the hard-working team and helpful competitors, we got the parts together and could then run the race" she says.

During the Grand prix, two incidents was causing yellow flags and therefor two restarts. Winner was Erik Stark with Jonas Andersson close behind and Pål Virik in third place. Bimba challenging Russian driver Stanislav Kurtenovski about tenth place from the start but did not quite succeed this time.

F2 boats are now loaded and en route to the World Cup series second race running in Azerbaijan's capital Baku July 6 to 7. Bimba expect to take their World Cup points then!

11 June 2013 -22:45

Bimba will this weekend participate in the city's most speedy and extreme events this year - Stockholm Grand Prix on Water, when she competes in the Formula 2 World Championship at Mälaren. Last year, she took home a sixth place in the race and even though the competition is even fiercer this year is her attitude to advance in the positions of the race.

- I say top ten, but the goal is absolute top 6. 27 boats are crazy. It will be tougher than ever and you will need an ounce of luck as well in order to stay on track and reach the goal. She says.

Challenges of Stockholm Grand Prix is ​​in addition to the great line-up with many new competitive equipage, Riddarfjärden's messy water. With so many boats, the surface will be hard to drive on.
27 Speedboats World Cup race this weekend. The boats make 180 km / h in the most difficult run path quite near the capital's docks. No other F1 or F2 boat race the last decade has had so many boats at the starting dock. Drivers must qualify when it left room for the 20 fastest.

Bimbas partners for the World Cup on Riddarjärden is CRAMO which also is where you look around in the pits when it also partners for the World Cup race. Likewise Karnag, who supported Bimba in his F2 venture since 2012. New for this year is Container Rental Company Consale AB. They sell and rent containers with specialization on refrigerator and freezer containers.
Bimba with crew and partners welcome everybody to STOCKHOLM GRAND PRIX 14 to 15 June. Free entry to the pit which is located on Riddarholmen.
Times can be found on www.motorlotterietgp.se

2 June 2013 -13:45


Take the opportunity to make a unique and attention way exposing the company. Let Bimba Marketing Your Business on the toughest and most spectacular event ever in central Stockholm.
Its still time for a productive collaboration with Bimba and her F2 racing.
Last year, she finished in sixth place in the race and she starred in two productions SVT and Viasat Motor where she and Erik Stark, World Champion 2012, was picked to profile the sport and this race.
This year can only get better and it will be one of the toughest race ever, with 27 boats from 10 nations entered the race when it is only 11 days left.

Would you like to expose Your company with Bimba in this exiting and audience frequent event!?
+46 (0) 70 2889754
Find out more about the race >> www.motorlotterietgp.se

22 May 2013 -11:45
It became podium for Team OTR and Bimba in Rouen 24 Hour Race which took third place in the F2 class and finished in sixth place overall of 32 starters in all classes.
"We are very happy, the goal was the podium and with the material we had this year was third place what we could aim for." Telling Bimba.
24 hours of constant contestants are tough. Both for the boat, motor and drivers, and the tough water leaves even a little bit for the luck to be on the drivers side too.
After 6 hours, were the team at 6th place of the 9 F2 boats that started. After 16h the compressor went down and a pit stop was made. Once out on the track again within an hour the team was able to continue its stable operation and when the start of the last 6 hours passed was Bimba and Team OTR up at a 3rd place as they managed to keep race out!
The international team worked incredibly well together and together they decided one more pit stop at 1.5 hours remained. The boat was raised and was reviewed thoroughly by the Australian mechanics. The team could figure out that it was secured third place if they just kept the goals and that they could not advance up to 2 place but still managed to carry out tactical race in the best way with what the team had.
"We must realize that we are driving a Mercury Optimax generation 1 engine. This means that we only get 7000 rpm while the other runs at 8000 rpm. There is an incredible difference in speed and that makes more laps during the 24h. " Says Bimba.
The overall winner of Rouen was Team Drakkar, class F1. Winners in F2 Team Navikart followed by Team Neptune in 2nd place.
Bimba thank everyone who has worked for 24 hour race, and hope to be back again!

15 May 2013 -20:45
Bimba is now off to compete in Rouen 24 hour Race!
News from the race >>

12 May 2013 -21:55
6 Days to go - 2013 Racing starts in Rouen
Yesterdays test went well at the end, we did get small technical problems but that was sorted out during the day. Next up now is 24 Hour Race in Rouen (France) this coming weekend.
" We are super excited about the race, and I believe we have the great crew and material that is needed for a success in the race " says Bimba.

6 May 2013 -21:25
Test session is next!

This Saturday, 11th of may, will be this years first test session 2013 and will be held in Nora. The following weekend, 18-20th May race season kicks off for Bimba when she attend to the endurance race in France -Rouen 24 hour.
Great news is that she will return to her home course at Värmdö 25th May. Grisslinge Racet that have invited the Swedish Formula 2 drivers to join the event! Bimba is very thankful to her club ,SRC and all her loyal sponsors and people will finally get a really close up look when she show her boat off at the speed of 180km/h just in front of her fans and audience.
more info will follow shortly.

1 April 2013 -18:55

Bimba's performance last year gave both herself and the French team OTR taste for more. She directly got a request to return to the team to participate in the prestigious and toughest race of powerboat racing history on the River Siene, when the race is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

"We did not wanted to lose our favourite driver and therefore it was natural to work in the best way to get back Bimba to the team in 2013," said French team manager Albert Hericher.

Now it is clear that she participates in Rouen 24hr Race May 18 to 20 in Class S2000 (F2). This year, she will run a more competitive DAC boat with a newer engine. Team colleagues in this race is Marie-Line Hericher, Fred Loones and Nicolas Demante, all from France.

"It's a fantastic race that is indescribable, from paddock to race on the track must be experienced! It's an incredible change to what you're used to as a boat racing driver. You want to be first, but not forget that this is an endurance race and the need to work together as a team if you're going to reach the top. Additionally is numerous challenges and accidents on the hard lake and it depletes the boats something terrible. An ounce of luck is also required to achieve a victory after 24 hours! " Bimba tells.

Since this is powerboat racing's biggest race involved three classes simultaneously on the 3.8 km long track - F1, F2 and F4. It will be extremely tough when 30-50 boats lap on around the small island, under bridges, and while tides and cargo ships passing in the hours, the water becomes very messy. The audience loves this and about 400,000 spectators follow the race around the quays and through the media.

"Last year I had topped shape enormously for the race. Training schedule was 5d / w and consisted of strength and conditioning workouts. This meant that I simply did of my 2h runs in the race without feeling fatigue and there is no exception this year " she says.

She has also strengthened her own team with F1 mechanics she had in China's GP last year. Paul Kirkby is an incredibly skilled mechanic and Todd Leary is a very experienced and talented F2 driver. These two 'Aussies' will support Bimba and team OTR in Rouen and also be with Bimba F2 World Cup when it kicks off May 24 to 25 in Brindisi, Italy.

18 March 2013 -19:55

Bimba will be supported 2013 by the container rental and sales company - CONSALE
Check them out at consale.com>>

7 March 2013 -10:55

We are excited to see race calendar 2013 completely confirmed. Some changes is about to be and hopefully more races will be added.
Follow all news at>>

2 March 2013 -22:55

Bimba shows her F2 boat and talks about upcoming WC race - Stockholm Grand Prix 15-16 june. Welcome for a visit at Stockholm Boatshow 'Allt För Sjön' 2-10 March 2013.
For opening hours and info >>

1 February 2013 -09:35

Meet Bimba and her Formula 2 boat at Stockholm Boatshow 'Allt För Sjön' 2-10 March 2013.
For opening hours and info >>

10 January 2013 -15:15

Fh2o's 2012 racing review , see Bimba's crash from China.
Watch video >>

10 January 2013 -14:45
Race and Event 2013

F2 World Championship
24-25 may Cagliari, Italy
15-16 june Stockholm, Sweden
30 aug -1 Sept Nottingham, England
5-6 October Evian, France
13-15 dec Harrysmith, South Africa

European Championship
14-15 sept. Milano, Italy

Other races and events
9 may Test event Nora, Sweden
18-20 may Rouen 24 hours, France
19-20 july Kil, Sweden

16 December 2012 -18:45
Bimba Racing Rewiev 2012

2012 offered many challenges.
Rouen 24 Hour Race - History's first 'All female team'. The team managed to take on the biggest challenge to finished the race and ended 4th.
Only a week later, she came as a rookie in F2 and drove her first race on home track when Stockholm Grand Prix was run on Riddarfjärden in June. She met her goal of a top 10 placement when she finished on 6th place! Bimba was a bit of a favorite and media quickly found interest in making many fine interviews with her. Along with this year's world champion Erik Stark, she got profiled at three different television productions from the race. Viasat Motor, SVT's Båt Tokig and SVT's Motor Systrar.
Bimba also went out internationally in the media through reports in magazines and websites. In addition, she was interviewed by French TV channel 3, and Turkish television-Digiturk.

2012 also gave Bimba chance to test F1 for the first time. She made history in early October, in Grand Prix of China, when she got in Team Sweden's second boat and entered the race as the first Swedish woman ever in Formula 1. Unfortunately, the race ended in a crash on the 7th lap. After that she was asked to run the final two races of the season. An offer she carefully considered before she finally turned down that offer.

2013, she has decided to focus everything on the Formula 2 World Cup and continue their goal to reach the top. She knows that this was not her last and only chance in F1, but are constantly aiming for the run in the top series. And with patience, focused work and good partners, the plan to achieve it in the near future.

"A big thanks to all the sponsors, supporters, partners and team who made this season possible for me! I long so much for next season now, just want get out on the track again and show them that I want to be fighting in the top. "

30 November 2012 -12:45
Bimba in interview with Båtliv - Boat Magazine
Båtliv nr: 6 / 2012 / page 60
Read interview >>

15 November 2012 -22:15
Watch Bimba in this SVT broadcast from STHLM GP

12 November 2012 -19:15
Check out and read about Bimba in latest issue of RACEBOAT INTERNATIONAL

4 November 2012 -15:15
1. May 20/21 - Corfu, Greece RESERVED
2. May 25/26 - Cagliari, Italy TBC
3. June 15/16 - Stockholm, Sweden TBC
4. July 6/7 - Antwerp or Gent, Belgium TBA
5. July 27/28 - Grimstad, Norway RESERVED
6. August 30/Sept 1 - Nottingham, UK TBC
7. Sept 14/15 - Milan, Italy RESERVED
8. Oct 5/6 - Evian, France TBC
9. Dec 14/15 Harrysmith, South Africa TBC

1. August 24/25 Auronzo, Italy

3 November 2012 -16:15
Bimba is grateful and proud to be supported by SHORE UP
Find out more about this fantastic innovation and support for boats SHORE UP>>

2 November 2012 -10:15
Bimba will shortly be filming an interview for Turkish Television Digi Turk.

She was contacted only a few weeks ago and tv production finds Bimba of great interest as they do a program on gender equality and women in male-dominated occupations.
Bimba is one of the world's most successful female drivers in powerboating.

Last monday Bimba decided to turn down the offer to drive F1 in the United Arab Emirates. Now she is aiming for Formula 2 next year and she be focusing on raising that target.

11 October 2012 -22:15
Bimba is now looking for the sponsorship to participate in the two final F1 races in the United Arab Emirates

At short notice, Bimba Racing is working to get the sponsorship to run Abu Dhabi 30/11 and Sharjah 7/12.
Bimba received very good feedback after her first F1 race in China last week, both from the team, other drivers, followers and supporters.
It is not too late to get a chance to advertise with Bimba and Formula 1!
All sponsorship support is needed and welcomed!
For more details contact Bimba Racing
Watch a short video version Grand Prix of China

5 October 2012 -09:05
Bimba is back from Formula 1 in China
Bimba is happy with her first race in Formula 1.
With less than 30 laps in the foreign F1 boat, Bimba managed to qualify as twelfth (out of 19) before the start of the Grand Prix of China that ran Oct. 2 in Liuzhou.
She got the offer to run the F1 from Team Sweden only two weeks before the race and then decided to take the chance.

-Racing in Formula 1 has always been a dream, a goal, I'vd aimed for. Now I finally got hold and my only goal with my premiere race was to get to the finish. But once you are in the middle of the race and you see a chance to take a position, you can not hold back. So unfortunately I had to break the race after the crash.

In the start Bimba take additional investments and low 10th place when she came in the water spray of the boat infront of her and first dived then rolled on the eighth lap.

-I have had an incredible week in China. And in only two days I have gained experience and confidence that made ​​me grow as a driver. Everything is uncertain when it comes to a race where you never sat in the boat, run the class and also against foreign competitors.

Now there is a chance that she gets revenge in F1 when she asked to take part in the final two races run in Abu Dhabi 30/11, and Sharjah (Dubai) 7/12.
If you get to see her run there depends entirely on whether she gets together a sponsorship budget for this. Let's hope for that!
Watch Bimba in her first F1 race >>

26September 2012 -15:05
Bimba is first Swedish female in Formel 1
Bimba Sjoholm loves boat racing. Now she will run three World Cup races in three different countries in three different classes during three weekends in a row.
Two weekends ago was the World Championship for F2 in Nottingham that mattered. She finished her first season with a very good result and was 9th overall in the World Cup.

The weekend after she was down on classic Idroscalo Milan to run the F1000 Championship. Her former prime class. 13 boats came to the start and the favorite DelPin even won this World Cup. Bimba's own goal was to win the gold, but she ended on 5th position and had unfortunately not enough speed in the props for this extremely long course.

But what happens next? What is the next class? In which continent?
Bimba will go to China to as the first female Swedish participation in Formula 1 when she was running for F1 Team Sweden!
Follow F1 race which runs October 1 to 2 on: www.f1h2o.com

19 September 2012 -08:35
Bimba finished 6th in Nottingham
Bimba and her team had a great weekend in UK and she manage to finished on 6th posistion which gives her a final position as 9th place in her first Formula 2 World Championship, 2012.
Today she get's back on the road and heading for Italy, Milano.
Bimba and Mikael Aspholm will compete in the Formel 1000 WC this weekend.

11 September 2012 -22:35
Grand Prix of Great Britain 15-16 september

6 September 2012 -20:45
Watch Bimba in Swedish television production from Stockholm Grand Prix - Båt Tokig

3 September 2012 -21:45
The last F2 race this year is getting close - Grand Prix of Great Britain 15-16 September
Bimba is now preparing for the last leg of World Championship. This will be her first race ever in UK and she is really excited to perform as this will be her last race in F2 this year. After that she will participate in F1000 WC in Milano the weekend after trying to get the 1st WC victory.

29 August 2012 -20:45
Bimba back home from the European Championships in Italy.This championship was run through four rounds of heats, each of 15 laps, with the best three heats results added up to a total placement.

“A fun and challenging racing format when doing multiple starter and it is quite important to get to the good ones. Something that I did not succeed so well. “ says Bimba

16 boats started and it was crowded in the starts. There were some strokes in the starts and when you fall behind rivals water spray the driver has two choices - to take a chance, keep full throttle and hope that you do not run into anyone. Or, to release the gas and be on again as soon as you get back your view.
Still, she managed to overtake some drivers and also keep the faster boats behind her. Bimba finished on 10th position in European Championship.
Auronzo is an incredibly beautiful alpine village and the lake is 900 meters above sea level and is reflected by forest and mountains.

22 August 2012 -22:45
European Championship and Auronzo - Here we come!
Bimba is now off to Italy with her team. The race will take place this saturday and sunday in the beautiful alps of the Dolmites in northen Italy. Follow her racing on FACEBOOK >>

13 August 2012 -17:45
Next is European Championship in beautiful Auronzo 24-26 August
Bimba will travel to Italy next weekend to compete in F2 Europen Championship.
She will be accompanied by her partner, Mikael Aspholm, who also will race in European Championship but in the class Formula 1000. The team has in addition to these two boats lent out Bimba's F1000 boat to, as it will be run by swedish girl Lovisa Sahlén.
So its a big team with three boats wich taking the tracks on the lake of Auronzo di Cadore next weekend.

13 August 2012 -19:30
Bimba takes eighth place in Grimstad, Norway
The bad weather conditions made the organizers cancel the schedule for Saturday and put all racing activity until Sunday.
The track was short, only 1150 meters, with 15 boats on the course it became quite crowded.
‘We drove 55 lap during Grimstad Grand Prix in front of a big crowd.’
Qualifying did not go well for Bimba. A propeller switching to the second round meant that she lowered her time by over a second although that she had to start from 12th place.
Bimba got a great start and came out 9th of the first turn bouy. Tommy Wahlsten ran into trouble at the start and broke the race. Which meant that she was now in eighth place.
She managed to surprise Slakteris with an overtaking after half the race and hung on Pål Virik Nilsen trying to catch another position. When 10 laps remained, the power steering went off and Slakteris took back his 7th position. Bimba got the control back of the steering and crossed the finish line as eight.
‘ I'm happy with the placement that was within my goal.’
The next race is the European Championships in Auronzo, a beautiful lake in the Dolomite’s of Italy. Then we end the season with World Cup in Nottingham, England in September.

1 August 2012 -1250
The next round of F2 World Championship is to be run in Grimstad, Norway 10-12/8
17 boats have registered to participate and the competition is now the toughest of the season. Bimba has a sixth place from STHLM Grand Prix and the desire for a top five position is challenging but possible for her if everything falls into place.
This is a race that may end in any case. Many incredibly talented quick and tough drivers want to win Grimstad Power Boat Show Grand Prix next weekend.
Grimstad Powerboat Show >>

30 July 2012 -14:50
The young drivers in powerboatracing are having fun together

26 July 2012 -23:10
World Championship for Junior class - GT15!
KARNAG RACING TEAM'S youngest driver >Adam Wrenkler< will be supported by Bimba in his first international race. Race will be hold in Östhammar, Sweden 27-28/7.
More race details >>

22 July 2012 -21:20
Bimba 3rd in Nordic Championship 2012!
Even though she had some steering problems,Bimba manage to reach her goals and ends up on the podium in the total results. She had a really hard match race, which she was ending up on last position, because she had skipped the time trials fixing the steering. She was started from the last position compeeting against the fastest driver - Johan Österberg.
Weather on Saturdays race was a bit too rough and the race organisation decided to make the curcuit on the calmer bit of the lake. The course was now really short and heat 1 + 2 was a three pin course. The third and last heat was raced on the original 5-pin course and Bimba was several times very close to passing Ola Pettersson but finished 5th in the race in Kil. Still she manage to get the podium with a total of 48 points in Nordic Championships. Only one point in advantage from Ola. The title 'Nordic Champion 2012' goes to Erik Stark and Johan Österberg finished on 2nd position.

1 1 Erik Stark, Swe 80
2 2 Johan Österberg, Swe 67
3 11 Bimba Sjöholm, Swe 48
4 6 Ola Pettersson, Swe 47
5 9 Mette Bjerknes, Nor 46
6 93 Tommy Wahlsten, Swe 40
7 24 Per Anders Edvardsen, Nor 22
8 10 Jesper Johansen, Nor 21

Next race is the third leg of World Championship in Grimstad Norway 10-12 of August. Bimba is really looking forward to make her second race together with the other international drivers, and hopefully be in top five!

20 July 2012 -09:05
Bimba is ready to take a new podium!
Team is set in Kil, Sweden, for tonights matchrace. For tomorrows big racingday, together with 4 boats in the team, Bimba is aiming on a total poduim finish of the Nordic Championship.
She is supported by Mikael Aspholm in Formel 1000 and Lovisa Sahlén competing in Bimbas F1000 Lucini boat. Team is also joined by the young GT15 driver Adam Wrenkler!
Match Race at Fryken, Kil starts at 7:30 pm this evening!
>>Bimba on Facebook

We already made new friends at Kil. This is Anders,Oliver and Wille!!

8 July 2012-13:05
Bimba on 3rd place in Nordic Championship, Tvedestrand Norway.

28 June 2012 -17:35
Next Race is Tvedestrand in Norway 6-7th of July.
This will be the first leg of two races in F2 Nordic Championship.
The second race will be in Kil, Sweden at Lake Fryken.

26 June 2012 -15:35
Do not miss Bimba on Viasat Motor tonigt at 9 pm.
Broadcasting from STHLM Grand Prix at Riddarfjärden 16-17 June. Bimba was interviewed as one of the profile drivers for this race. Another chance to watch it will be 28th of june at 8:30 pm.
TV schedule for the broadcast and how to watch it >>

Bimba was given interviews to hamnen.se during the STHLM GP. This is after the race.

18 June 2012 -23:15
Bimba gets 6th position in her first F2 race!

This weekend -STHLM Grand Prix was runned in the middle of Stokholm, when Formula 2 ran its second World Cup Race.

15 boats arrived to the race on Riddarholmen and Bimba's goal for this race was bottom tenth. After the first time training, she was a 7th place. But the second time training had the wind abated and some of the fast guys managed to get her. Bimba had to start from 11th place. During the race, she managed to advance a number of placements and finished on 6th place after the 40 lap long race was run. A position she is very happy with.

'I'm really happy with a 6th place. It's more than I had as a goal and now I'll continue to advance. I came here with no more than an hour's testing in the boat and this race was more about getting to know the boat and get exercise. But for every lap in the boat, I feel more familiar and know that we need more props so that I can develop and progress further to the next World Cup race in Grimstad August 10 to 12. ' Says Bimba Sjöholm.

Although the morning was rainy the sun still managed to arrive in afternoon when the race would be run. STHLM Grand Prix and Bimba Racing was visited by many visitors and supporters, and Bimba took part in two productions for SVT - 'Motor Systrar' and 'Båt Tokig' In addition, she was selected along with Erik Stark to be a profile as one of the drivers for the TV production of the race. It will be broadcast five times on Viasat Motor in the summer, starting Thursday, June 21.

Bimba would like to thank the team, supporters, sponsors, KARNAG, CRAMO and organizers at STHLM GP who not only made her dream possible, but also giving her the opportunity to race in F2 at Riddarfjärden!

15 June 2012 - 22:55
Bimba is ready for the F2 and World Championship. Now everything is packed up and prepared for this weekend's race - STHLM Grand Prix. Bimba welcome you to visit her at Riddarholmen.
F2 will start with free practise at 14:00 on Saturday and 15:15 on Sunday.
Get updates from the race on >>

11 June 2012 - 22:55

16th JUNE - MATCHRACE AT 19:30

10 June 2012 - 22:30
Today's test went well. The team has worked hard for the last days this week to get the boat ready and fit Bimba's desires.
Tomorrow media will get a chance to speak with Bimba and Team Karnag who is hot topic in the upcoming event - STHLM Grand Prix this weekend.

4 June 2012 - 22:20
PRESS RELEASE - STHLM GRAND PRIX | 16 to 17 June | Riddarfjärden.
Bimba, who recently returned home from 24 hour race in Rouen, is hot topic in F2 World Cup on Riddarfjärden. In France, she and her female teammates performed more than expected when they finished on 4th position of F2 and a total of 9th place out of 32 boats that started. The girls were the first international female team throughout history to carry the race and they were incredibly acclaimed by both the media and audience.
Now Bimba's focus is instead on the World Cup race on home soil. It will be her first race in F2, where she defies a twenty guys with their F2 speedboat in Stockholm Grand Prix Race, which runs June 15 to 17 on Riddafjärden. A big event with fierce competition and Bimba's goal is to finish the race within the first 10 positions. Furthermore, the World Cup series is her goal to continually improve the results by getting better positions in the races.

"I have goals. No expectations. This race may end in any case. The experience I got by racing in Rouen 24 hour, I see as an advantage for the STHLM GP when the tough waters of Riddarfjärden will be the biggest challenge likely the race in Rouen "

Do not miss the chance to meet and talk with Bimba when she will be attending to KARNAG's and STHLM GP press conference June 11.
For more info about the press conference, please contact Annika Wrenkler on:annika.wrenkler@karnag.se

1 June 2012 - 08:00
Welcome to Press Conference with KARNAG RACING TEAM!
More info and invite, please contact me >>

15:00 Mingle and snacks
16:00 Karnag Racing Team presented
16:10 Bimba tells of Rouen and F2 2012
16:30 Anders Stark talks about the F2 race at Riddarfjärden

30 May 2012 - 23:30
Rouen Womens Team on French television!
Watch Interwiew >>

29 May 2012 - 23:10
We performed 24-hour race in Rouen and got 4th position!
Having recently returned from Rouen, France, where I and my 'Women's Team' goes down in history as the first team with only female drivers who have started and succeeded in implementing the 24 hour race!
I am proud and grateful to have been honored to participate in this unique and challenging race with Marie-Line, Mette, Tammy, and of course our Team Manager Albert.
Since last Wednesday when we arrived in Rouen, we have been warmly met with excitement about our team. Media, interviews and photo shoots have been a daily chore, such as a visit to the VIP tent to mingle and sponsor dinners every night. In addition, we also run 24 hours a speedboat at the incredibly messy River Seine along with 31 other racing boats. We completed the race, which was our first goal. Overall in the race we came in ninth place out of 32 starters. Then, of course, was a podium finish our next goal, but we finished in fourth place in our class - S2000, where 9 rigs started. Although we missed the podium, I'm incredibly happy with my team and my colleagues’ effort in the race. Do not know if it would have made any difference if we have fewer pit stops, when we had a little trouble with oil pressure and had to take the boat up 4 times during Sunday's 12 hour shifts.
Extra fun was that I was told by race officials who clocked the race, I had the best lap times of the drivers in our boat. Now there is talk already about the second race in the Endurance World Championship this July 7 in Augustow, Poland. Our manager wants to continue with our successful team and welcomes me to run the next race as a likely dispute is an 8-hour race. Also next year, he wishes that I return to Rouen. And I will do everything possible to drive here again. There's been an incredible experience and an unforgettable race. Rouen 24 Hour Race is a magical race that I hope will survive for at least 50 years!

24 May 2012 - 15:20
Rouen 24 Hr Reports
After we arrived yesterday, the team was busy with media and sponsor reception in the evening.It became a TV interview with the French - La Chaine Normandy. Then, we were warmly welcomed by OTR's (Our Team) sponsors and partners who have been invited to the event. It is said that, 'Women's Team', are the ones that everyone talks about in Rouen, and even French boating right now. You could see the connection of the party yesterday, about 100 people had gathered to shoot us and the boat.
It feels great to get to know the other girls in the team, they are happy and good. Together we have over 50 years experience of driving a speedboat, and my only concern or requirement to attend a ‘girls team’ was only if it was composed of experienced drivers with the same goals as me - to win the race! I’m really honored to be accompanied by Tammy, Marie and Mette!
The tactics of the race seems to be to allow each driver can drive about 60 minute intervals, and Team Manager Albert together with Team Operator Carl Kinder seems to be united that I'm the right driver to get to the start. They have both previously seen me compete and I think that is experienced and designed to handle the difficulties faced at the start. I feel proud to be here and hope to make my team proud of my driving.
This means that I will have to run two passes on Saturday. The race runs as follows: Saturday - 6 hours, Sunday - 12h, Monday - 6 hours

Yesterday we did interviews with french TV - La Chaine Normandie, and particepate at the teams sponsor recieptions!
Read Mercury blog>>
Bimba on Facebook>>

22 May 2012 - 08:10
Packing my bags and head for Rouen!
Thank to 'Women's Team's' fantastic Team Manager Hericher Albert we have a beautiful team and an exclusively perfect boat for Rouen 2012!

Get all the racing news as they happen.
Join and follow Bimba on Facebook>>

21 May 2012 - 14:10
Count down for Rouen 24 Hour Race - 5 days to go! Official website of F1 writes about Bimba and Marit's participation in this incredible challenging race!
Watch movie >>

19 May 2012 - 23:46
It has been a fantastic day at Nora. Bimba is really happy with the boat and today's test run went extremely well. An important test run for next weekend's upcoming challenge when she runs in Rouen 24 Hour Race.
Here is a really nice photoshot by pickla.se

19 May 2012 - 07:58
Today Bimba will make her first test with the new boat. Training session takes part on the lake of Nora.
Follow her on Facebook>>

16 May 2012 - 00:14
Starting today, people in Stockholm can watch this beautiful car on the streets. Thanks to Ranhammar for supporting me to expose my racing and STHLM Grand Prix!

14 May 2012 - 22:14
Today I finally got my boat back to our workshop! The team will now work hard to get the boat ready for saturdays tests in Nora!

9 May 2012 - 10:30
Yesterdays press release about Bimba and Women's Team of Rouen got great response from media! We hope for new exposure of this will come out shortly.

8 May 2012 - 11:30
Check out Bimba's profile on the official website of F2 World Championship!
Read more>>

7 May 2012 - 11:42
New paint on the boat! Next is decals by Intergraphix

7 May 2012 - 07:12

I am grateful for what I have achieved for nearly two decades as powerboatracer. This year, I take a big step forward and will attend the events I've dreamed of one day to participate in. The ROUEN 24 HOUR RACE, and of course the step up to F2, with the World Cup race in Stockholm, which will be really a special event for me.

Please stay on this website to join and follow my racing, and I also welcomes you to join my page on www.facebook.com/bimbasjoholm

I want to thank all of my friends, supporters, partners and sponsors that make my dreams come true!

Thank you all / Bimba


3 May 2012 - 08:39
Interview with Bimba, braodcast from Scandinavian Boat Show. By Hamnen.se
Watch interview>>

1 May 2012 - 18:40
Meet Bimba at STHLM Grand Prix 16-17 June. Welcome!
Read more>>

27 April 2012 - 20:30
History to be made at 24 Hours of Rouen!
Read moore >>


26 April 2012 - 19:23
The boat is off to get new paint. As soon as it back again we will put everything together and test it!!

25 April 2012 - 11:20
Formel 2 "turtle test"

Read more>>


9 April 2012 - 18:48
Proud to present a new Sponsor for STHLM GP


3 April May 2012 - 8:10
This week Bimba will sign contract of the new boat. __________________________________________

30 March 2012 - 21:40
New partner is Hansen Marine AB __________________________________________

21 March 2012 - 22:50
Bimba signs contract with a new sponsor!


Bimba joins the first ever 'All-female racing team' for ROUEN 24 HOUR RACE.
26-28 May 2012
Follow on www.24hourrouenpowerboatrace.com